Friday, 17 April 2015

Afternoon Tea at the Conrad St James Hotel.

Thanks to Emerald Street's 241 afternoon tea voucher on Saturday I got to experience the Alice in Wonderland afternoon tea at the Conrad St James hotel next door to St James' Park.  We were seated in the Emmeline Lounge just off the lobby with a harpist playing songs (including 'She's Like the Wind' which I loved!).

I went for a traditional Breakfast tea in a heavy sliver pot, which I emptied (twice).

 The highlight was the tray of pastries and treats carefully explained by our waiter Ian.  I particularly enjoyed the chess board chocolate cake and the Eat Me cracker was delish too!

As we had our valuable voucher, the whole thing came to £39 including service, which I thought was great. The service was excellent (right until the very end when our waiter seemed a little... stressed), the dining area was beautiful - even the toilets were lovely!

Definitely worth checking out Emeral Street for their discount treats!


Monday, 13 April 2015

Vintage pop up Fair

On Saturday I went to a vintage pop up fair at Wilton's Music Hall. 
It's such a lovely venue, the sun was shining (even if a little breezy) and we headed on down for a browse.  There were all kinds of stalls; jewellery, clothes, homeware and even a cafe/bar.

The girls from My Favourite Things entertained us with a few 40s ditties and there was a vintage hair and make up stall as well. 

Once we'd had a good rummage and try on of all the vintage hats we sat outside and enjoyed a juice in the Spring sunshine.  The pop up fairs are definitely worth checking out, especially if you love all things vintage. It was nice to go to a slightly different part of London and see something new - even if it was old!


Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My first Louis Vuitton

"I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet." —Carrie Bradshaw

So, 2015 is the year of the bag, a Louis Vuitton Keepall to be precise.
I decided to treat myself to a vintage bag as the brand new ones are around £1000 and who has that kind of money for luggage? (Mariah Carey I guess, but I do not..)

I've spent weeks trawling EBay, Gumtree, PreLoved and various other sites, before deciding to use Vestiaire Collective which promised an authentic piece, delivered quickly and even offered me £15 off my first purchase! I was sold.  There's so much choice, but I knew I wanted a Keepall and one with a strap too so I can fill it to the brim!  

It's nervewracking spending so much money on something you havent seenI But I finally got my grubby hands on my beautiful Louis on Monday and cant take my eyes off it.  It came with an authentication certificate as well, which is reassuring, now I just need a weekend away so I can use it!


Saturday, 28 March 2015

24 reasons to go back to Las Vegas

You all know how obsessed with Vegas I am, I thought I'd try and explain some of the reasons why Sin City is so appealing to me.  So here are my top reasons for my return visits;

Hanging with my bestie -at Showboy Bakeshop- is my most important reason to visit Vegas.. even more so than No 2...

Deep fried oreos at the Mermaid Casino

Free drinks when gambling - keep 'em coming

Where else might you see Britney wandering around?

Eating cheesecake every day, once you've been to the Cheesecake Factory, why go anywhere else?

Mimosas for breakfast

Actually pizza for breakfast - the buffets here are insane

Drinking cosmos inside a chandelier at the Cosmopolitan Hotel 

How close it is to airport -makes a private taxi soo affordable so splash out!

See flamingos chilling out at the Flamingo whenever you please

The new High Roller wheel is a great addition the the Vegas skyline

Titanic exhibition

The photos opportunities are amazing - where else can you visit ancient Rome, Paris and New York in an afternoon?
The Bellagio fountains dancing

Pure nightclub's outside terrace, guaranteed to make anyone feel like Kim Kardashian

Cashing out in nickels Downtown and feeling rich

Seeing Elton in concert (or Mariah or Celine for that matter)

The Parasol up/Down bar at the Wynn is definitely worth a visit

The Japanese gardens at the Bellagio, changing for every season and therefore crying out for another trip!

The view from the Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay

Getting your lunch for free at Heart Attack Grill (as long as you're over 350lbs! - eek)

24 hour food, 5am grilled cheese sandwiches are the best - try Grand Luxe 

Losing track of time; no windows and no clocks means endless fun 

Pool parties - MGM Wet Republic was a really fun afternoon

Im going to leave it there, otherwise I'd go on all day! I think you get the jist and I'd love to hear your top reasons to visit in the comments below! 


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Afternoon Tea at Kettners

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” 
― C.S. Lewis

On Saturday I met up with one of my oldest friends for a long overdue catch up. We decided to treat ourselves to an afternoon tea at Kettners in Soho, one of the places I like to have a glass of champers sometimes.  They have a cocktail/champagne bar on the ground floor and it's a really lovely atmosphere.
We were one of the first parties to arrive for the lunch sitting, so we had our pick of tables in the lovely, calm dining room.  We chose the corner by the window so we could gossip in private.

I went for peppermint tea and we discussed our sandwich requirements with the waiter.  The service was actually very good and attentive and our tower of goodies arrived very quickly.
We had four or five sandwiches each, two scones and a selection of tartlets and treats.  The scones were definitely my favourite, light and covered in cream and jam they were devoured rather sharpish! (Can you spot me?)

My favourite was the millionaires shortcake (with the K on) which was delicious, the passionfruit tart was also delish, but very sharp!  I probably could have eaten a few more sandwiches as I have eyes biggers than my belly, but by the end we both stuffed and decided to walk it off with a stroll through Soho.
Although... I must confess our first stop was Hotel Chocolat! 
It's not a cheap food option, but really nice for a special treat and I'd recommend the venue, it had a great atmosphere.  All in all we had a really lovely, filling afternoon!


Saturday, 21 March 2015

Things I don't understand

Since I'm confounded on a daily basis to the point that I feel like Joey Essex learning to tell the time, I thought I'd share my most bewildering with you in the hope that you'll share my pain.

  1. Choosing salad at a buffet - when carbs exist I cant get on board with this even if it is in Pizza hut and covered in dressing.
  2. Scrunchies being back in fashion -Like really? Is it 1992?
  3. People who get up early at the weekend when we all know weekends exist to lie in
  4. House music; give me SClub7 any day
  5. Boys who live with their parents - I don't care if you're saving for a deposit, do your own washing
  6. The phrase 'nom'.. can't you just say 'yum' like a normal person?
  7. Bad eyebrows; there's no excuse, get yourself down to Benefit pronto and sort it out
  8. Crop tops on adults, it's just scary
  9. People who can refuse a chocolate out of the office treat box... are you magic?
  10. Socks and sandals, not in an ironic Cher from Clueless way but in a Brit's abroad, handkerchief on head kind of way
  11. People who can't queue properly; pushing in is NOT acceptable
  12. Kids with iPhones.. surely no 8 year old has that active a social life?
  13. Lo salt.. There's nothing more to say.
  14. People who are incapable of saying what they mean - spit it out, please
What gets your goat?

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A new tattoo

“They keep track of time. Sometimes things happen and you feel that you need to mark them down.” 
― Scott O'ConnorUntouchable

I have long been a fan of the tattoo. I have three myself and have to constantly put myself off having another. Sammi from Beauty Crush has the coolest tatts (and I love her dogs too but that's another story) and I wish I was cool enough to pull off a 
half sleeve, but I'm not.  So I stick to small-ish designs, in just black outline and yearn over 
other people's tatts on Pinterest.
My current fave is a finger tattoo, I think they're so cute.. but mine are currently not that visible
and I wonder if I'd come to regret the placement - anyone got one and had any issues? Or am
I just being daft?

However in the last couple of weeks the desire has overtaken my sensibility and I've now chosen
my new tattoo design and thanks to Zoe's recommendation I've chosen the studio too.  I've even 
managed to convince a friend to get one with me and we've finally picked a date to go and get 
inked.  I love neon signs and my design is slightly inspired by that, although it's still going to be a 
black ink tattoo.  I'm not sure I'm brave enough for a coloured design as it'll take longer to do 
and I'm a chicken but maybe one day.

This time I'm going for a horseshoe tattoo which was going to go beneath my bra strap but has 
now been moved up to sideboob area after my sister's exclamation of 'won't it sit right on a fat 
roll?' (you can't choose your family...) I'm slight apprehensive about the tattooist having to look 
at a half naked me while he works, but I'll just reassure myself that they've seen worse...

I am, in my head, designing a larger design for perhaps my 5th and final tattoo which may include some of the below;

Please send me pics of your favourite tattoos, I love the big bright colour designs and anything intestesting and 
*all images from Pinterest